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To build on the introduction to brush and texture exercises i’ve put up already, I thought i’d record myself doing some work in ink and wash for you all to observe while explaining why I use what techniques I do when I do.

There’s a 5 min time lapsed version of the same footage for a quick view of the work In HD up top here. The full real time with my notes and a short excerpt follow.

I don’t post this for my students to directly copy this drawing, but if you would like to try i’ve uploaded a copy of the blue pencils you can download and print to try out yourself. Working over other artists work is very informative, and can copying can be generally as a tool of study. Though never pretend it’s your own original work! Always give credit! But over your own or my sample, I encourage you to use the techniques you see me use and talk about here on your own work.

Adding washes with a Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush

[Excerpt from longer previous inking clip]

I also tone with some pencil in this clip. I still sometimes use traditional brushes and ink wash but i quite like working with the Pentel Aquash Brushes. They come under a few brand names and variations. The size of the reservoir handle, and bushes vary. But all made by Pentel. My brushes have mostly water in them, with just a drop or two of pebeo india ink. I build up for darker shadows with multiple passes and sometimes dipping in a little inkwell as well. The is a short clip of just the toning from a longer one where i also do the inking first that you can watch here.

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