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Tip Sheets for studying Drapery

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Drapery is a valuable area of observational art to study, given everyone tends to where clothes. That’s in fact not the only reason, but it’s a good one.

I need to do my own tutorial on this subject soon, but for now I wanted to share a cash of refrence material i’ve collected myself on various freelance jobs. I also simply put on a jacket, or whatever thing is needed, and use a mirror to quickly look at how something will fold in a given pose. And sketching your surroundings, that’s a good little detail you can work on in small portable notebooks. Look around and draw the folds in people’s clothing.

I’ll be updating this will fuller credits later but right off I know several of these tip sheets came from Lesson Nine: Cloths and Folds, “Famous Artists Cartoon Course“. A very cool public domain learning resource. And one of the examples here, is “Some Notes on Drapery” by FUNKYMONKEY1945 on deviantart. And a few of these are from creativespotlite.com’s Free Drawing and Sketching Lesson post here. Also looking around I found a nice set of visual tutorials starting here, by ZejanNoSaru.

I’ll have my own clip to add to this soon, but for now these pages really cover the basics well. Study them, and then look around you, and watch for the effects described and how different kinds and thicknesses of material act differently under compression and tension.

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