If the marks we make are just random, we would not have art. Just a mess. Modeled drawings can be Gestures, made of Continuous Lines. It creates a very distinctive stylistic difference, if your drawings do or don’t use Contours. But Identifying each and learning them separately lets us be conscious of their individual traits; intentional about how we combine them; or if we choose to do so at all.Continue Reading

‘En plein air’, a French phrase meaning “open (in full) air” As a painting practice, for both the study and formal practice have really been around for a long time – painting live on location of various rural, scenic and urban subjects. – in the mid-19th century, working in natural lightContinue Reading

Understanding is key to confident drawing. You can try to fake it, but you’ll know if you are. There are no real short cuts to actually feeling confident. Secure in your own knowledge having actually done the work. So detailed studies of the human body are key to being able toContinue Reading

I’m often asked by students what to use for corrections over ink… There’s other kinds of paint out there, here’s some links to other tests –  ‘White Ink: A New Player in Town‘ – ‘JetPens Guide to Choosing White Gel Pens and Markers‘ – ‘White-ink Pen Tests‘ – ‘How toContinue Reading

Several of these tip sheets came from Lesson Nine: Cloths and Folds, “Famous Artists Cartoon Course“. And one of the examples here, is “Some Notes on Drapery” by FUNKYMONKEY1945 on deviantart. And a few of these are from’s Free Drawing and Sketching Lesson post here. Also looking around I found a nice setContinue Reading


You’ll notice in my posts here, and in class, I keep stressing practice, repetition, doing many interactions, drawing a lot. One can never stress enough the single biggest “secret” to drawing well is drawing often. You also need to know how to study, and have a reason to do allContinue Reading


Doing formal studies and serial studies of both live subjects and other artists work is a core learning tool! The goal is to have fun while systematically refining our skills and broadening our visual vocabulary. Related: Exercises like pattern work and gesture studies. I’ll be adding new proposals for exercise constraints here over time. AContinue Reading