Mike Mattesi has a fantastic take on capturing a dynamic line and form in his work and great notes to accompany his examples. The book is well worth owning! I’m just missing the middle child in his main trilogy myself. Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators, and Force: Animal Drawing: Animal locomotion and design concepts forContinue Reading

‘En plein air’, a French phrase meaning “open (in full) air” As a painting practice, for both the study and formal practice have really been around for a long time – painting live on location of various rural, scenic and urban subjects. – in the mid-19th century, working in natural lightContinue Reading

The combination of musical rhythm and a moving subject that tends to move in predictable and interesting ways makes doing live studies of musicians an entertaining way to learn about body language and rhythm. Adam Cantor modeled for us, and returned with guests Russell Simco on the fiddle, and band mate Jonathan Furze on guitar. Continue Reading