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Perspective Grid tutorials & downloads
Perspective Grid tutorials & downloads

A handy time saver when working in analog or digital mode, is to lay in under your art, a perspective grid to follow when drawing objects in space! I’ve made and used many over the years. To the right is one I found on google, looked up the site credited but it’s malwared and gone. […]

Imposing the grid and thumbing it
Imposing the grid and thumbing it

Artists have been using mechanical aides since the beginning. Variations on the idea go all the way back to the Egyptian ‘canon of proportions’. Grinds are a classic way to break down the picture plane, compose space, alter and record it. Archaeologists use them too, in order to document the spatial relationships of dig sites on their […]

Rule of 3rds – the golden mean!
Rule of 3rds - the golden mean!

In class we talked about some basic compositional rules last weekend. The Rule of 3rds – the golden mean; Lead room; Geometry and symmetry; Rule of odds; & Simplification! To illustrate applications of the Rule of 3rds, I’ve collected some excellent images and imposed the grid on them all so you can look at how well the […]

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