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I’m a big proponent of practice and self directed learning. The way people get good is by doing with informed intent, and more you do that the better you get.

Of course i’ve built in some tools in the form of these posts on the site here, and Syn Studio has life sessions [watch the facebook page for announcements of the next]. We’re not the only ones too, Montreal is spoiled for options in that respect but still these are not always convenient for everyone’s schedule or pocket. So here i’m posting an updated page of resources should make it possible to facilitate intensive flexible study plans on your own clock.

Remember, I also recomend drawing people in the wild, using gesture to capture some impressions of people around you. This is not instead of, but more and easy to use.

Quickposes.com from Danny Cruz uses timed photo slideshows to generate traditional quick pose gesture sessions and longer life studies. Really handy for your basic daily exercise when a live model isn’t. I just checked up and it still great.

I used to recomend Pose Maniacs but the site isn’t working and i’ve read some sketchy things about them since last year. So stay clear!

Draw This has several clips videos posted of quick pose models and longer sittings here. Look around youtube and you’ll find many more like that too.

Also video based, NewMastersAcademy.org has a YouTube playlist here of the same kind of thing, all non nude so totally safe for work.

There are many many great refrence images to be found on Pinterest, here three sets curating life study nudes for quick study and ref: Anatomy References for Artists curated  by Einar Yoris, Poses curated  by Barbara Fišinger, & Expressions by same. Poke around and let me know if you find a cool one!

Pose Tool 3D is an app based tool, i’ve tried it before myself and found it bit clunky to use but milage may vary. I end up using MARA3D Human Anatomy Lite a lot more, but I think there are others like this now, you can set your own timer and use them when dealing with  figuring out if a difficult poses in your work works or just looks broken a lot better.


  1. Pose Apps

    Hi guys,

    This is an ap I have on my android (available for apple too):

    Made with the unity engine, by Alien Think.

    They have one for manga:

    and one for HORSES, too!!

    This is the apple link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pose-tool/id570369634?ls=1&mt=8

    And their blog. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the links!

    I knew about the Figure Drawing Practice website, I found the only downside to it is that the database of photos is not very well furnished in terms of naked models (especially men), and after a few times around for practice sessions, the same photos were coming back in the automated loop. Still fun to be able to tweak your own drawing warmups with quick loops on the photos.

    Pose Maniac is awesome, but I also realized after using it for reference that my drawings looked very stiff, just like the digital models.

    I’ll make sure to check the other sites, there are never enough resources when practicing!!

    Here is a funny one : http://www.eggazyoutatsu.net/atarichanDrawer.html

    it generates a skeleton with random poses, for contour using key joint positions.

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