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Quick pose and anatomy resources online

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I’m a big proponent of practice and self directed learning. As much as i can try to teach in class the way people get good is by doing, and more you do the better you get. That’s why I tried to create some utilities here on the site to facilitate studies. Of course Syn Studio has life sessions [watch the facebook page for announcements of the next], and there are others in town but these are not always convenient.

Former student Muriel S sent me some links for alternate quick pose resources I presume she likes that are quite excellent, including one with short video clips you can utilize for your moving dynamic quick gesture studies! I was familiar with a few but some of these are new discoveries for me too. I happily condone and approve of exploiting them.

Two use timed photo slide shows to generate traditional quick pose gesture sessions and longer life studies. Quickposes.com from Danny Cruz and Figure Drawing Practice from artists.pixelovely.com look really handy for your basic daily exercise when a live model isn’t.

Pose Maniacs has been around for a while, first found it and exploited the resource myself around 2005? I recall using it on Sea of Red. The slightly creepy skinless flash cgi generated mannequins are great for getting more familiar with the musculature of the human body. They can all be rotated along one axis, and there are probably thousands of different types of poses over a few figures to use in their archives for your studies.

They also have silhouettes for studying contour, a timed mode for quick studies. And a newer section of disembodied mannequin parts without the musculature skins that can be rotated to any angle called Hands for Drawing. Great site and available as an app as well.

Reference Reference is another huge site that I don’t recall seeing before. A Quebec based group from what i can tell. Built for animators this site hosts many short clips of models doing a wide range of actions, from running to fighting to everything. An excellent source of short clips for your Dynamic Gesture Study practice!

I was scanning the many other general resources for continuing your study of the human form available online, and thought i’d add this link too. Robert Stoller offers his knowledge and skills to viewers on Figure Drawing Online, through a series of free life drawing tutorial videos on how to draw each part of the human body in intimate detail! I’ve only browsed it so far but a good site to check out from the looks of it for some extended guided study.

Update: Some more links from students in the comments and elsewhere!

A few good pinterest sets have shown up, here three: Anatomy References for Artists curated  by Einar Yoris, Poses curated  by Barbara Fišinger, & Expressions by same. And there are several sets maintained by James Marsano herePose Tool 3D is an android app, Julie Prescesky posted the link, i’ve tried it before myself and found it bit clunky to use but milage may vary. They have a few version of their tool for specialized use.


3 Responses to Quick pose and anatomy resources online

  1. Julie Prescesky SectionA says:

    Pose Apps

    Hi guys,

    This is an ap I have on my android (available for apple too):

    Made with the unity engine, by Alien Think.

    They have one for manga:

    and one for HORSES, too!!

    This is the apple link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pose-tool/id570369634?ls=1&mt=8

    And their blog. 🙂

  2. Julie L says:

    Thank you for the links!

    I knew about the Figure Drawing Practice website, I found the only downside to it is that the database of photos is not very well furnished in terms of naked models (especially men), and after a few times around for practice sessions, the same photos were coming back in the automated loop. Still fun to be able to tweak your own drawing warmups with quick loops on the photos.

    Pose Maniac is awesome, but I also realized after using it for reference that my drawings looked very stiff, just like the digital models.

    I’ll make sure to check the other sites, there are never enough resources when practicing!!

    Here is a funny one : http://www.eggazyoutatsu.net/atarichanDrawer.html

    it generates a skeleton with random poses, for contour using key joint positions.

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