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Moving bodies for moving lines

“You should draw not what the thing looks like, not even what it is, but what it is doing…Gesture has no precise edges, no forms. The forms are in the act of changing. Gesture is movement in space.”
Kimon Nicolaides

How to change playback speed on YouTube!
How to change playback speed on YouTube!

This page is a gallery of clips embeded from YouTube, to be utilized as virtual alternatives to live performance based Dynamic Gesture subjects, for both quick studies and more detailed Long study series.

The clips I haven’t slowed already, you can use the function built into the youtube player to do that! Check the settings gear icon on the control bar. You might have to turn on the function, it’s part of the HTML5 player.

This is a pair of contemporary dancers doing their thing, they mirror each other, exploit that. Try to imagine as well their path through space as much as how their limbs move. Interpet that too in your gestures, makes for some interesting drawings and great forms to explore with your hand. This is about dancing with your hands, so try to do just that a bit.

This is some Contact Dancing, I did a lot of my first gesture studies of this kind, of dancers doing this kind of work. It’s a great organic style of movement.

This one is of some Cirque du Soleil Gymnasts, i’ve slowed down to half speed to use as study subjects. They are pretty amazing, and the low rez in this case makes them good for fast gesture studies, you don’t get caught up in details when they are hardly there.

And also a short loop clip of the girl in the striped shirt from Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Laundromat, by HelloGiggles.

And once you exhaust that, go for the full Dance Like Nobody’s Watching clips!

This is one of Ali fighting, great study of uper body movement. Look at how the arm moves, the muscles change, as they swing their fists.

I was not able to edit this one but a good one too.

Tango of various kinds is a great sexy thing to draw. Slow down the clips if you need to help capture the forms. Nick and Diana are a great pair to use.

This one, i’ve slowed down to half speed, to make it easier to draw.

Same dance, regular speed from the other side of the room!

Daniel y Desiree Dance to Beyonce. Artist Jason Bone posted some nice sketch studies he did of them, not gestures but still, great movement.

Street Tango in Argentina!

Festival Tango Argentin 2012, Haris & Malika.

This Russian dancer is performing ‘Tribal Fusion’ movement, I see some pop locking, belly dancing, Khmer and others. it’s very fluid and well suited to curvilinear lines of gesture! Think not just about the fluid lines of her body movement but also her movements through space as well.

These ones are not slowed down but as you’ll see, martial arts movements, and a great opportunity to study more sensuous movements and forms for both in a way. Just try to sketch the forms you see quick, see what you can capture with a few lines of strokes of a brush.

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