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Actors Kristina SanShawn Baichoo, and sometimes Fred Nguyen come pretended to do grievous bodily harm to one another for our edification and then sit for a couple of more traditional long posses.

In this post, you’ll fine many photos from different semesters, and a series of clips I made as well to use for ongoing dynamic gesture studies.

I suggest using both to do gesture studies whenever it’s convenient for your schedule!

Life drawing from a live model often is always ideal, but using other online quick draw tools, and utilities like this post are a great way to get in many more hours of practice and learn faster!

  1. Try for a practice session, sketching 1.5 minute gestures from the video.
  2. then 3 minute drawings starting with a gesture and adding in a few select details using patterns, hatching or wash to indicate costume and clothing drapery effect that help bring out form.
  3. And finally longer studies, by pausing the clips or using the photos doing full figurative drawing studies.

The first is an ensemble of 5 of the posses, in real time but just a few cycles of the combat choreography they performed. More of an overview but challenge yourself to try to get off one fast dynamic gesture drawing of each as a warm up.

The next 6 clips are each of one of the posses and one other, slowed down to half speed and looped for about 10 min each for longer studies.

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