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Dynamic Drawing : Drawing The Band

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One of our last classes is usually Drawing The Band.

Since the beginning of Dynamic Drawing, we’ve had different musicians come model by playing music for the class. The first couple were with musician photographer and carpenter Adam Cantor — a member of Whistlepig, an old time string band.

We’ve had several others, Later sessions featured David Barton & Mike Kennedy. Beth McKenna, a saxophonist & Jazz composer.

For a while now, Richard Red Pepper-Brown has been our regular minstrel, he often brings his brother Mike Rigby and Amadou!

The combination of musical rhythm and a moving subject that tends to move in small, more predictable and interesting ways, makes doing live studies of musicians an entertaining study of body language and rhythm.

Drawing musicians in a live setting can be great fun, I recommend doing this on your own both as practice and pleasure. Seek out musical venues with tables and enough light to sketch in.

Taste may vary, but simply because the settings are the most conducive to it I find: I recommend acoustic, mid tempo or slow, jazz maybe, folk and blue grass are favorites of mine, classic blues.

The modest volume and settings make sketching very pleasant in my experience. Don’t employ lap lighting without checking with the venue, some performers might find it distracting.

Off the top of my head, shows at Burritoville [2055 Bishop St] and L’Escalier Montreal [552, rue Sainte-Catherine est], are well suited to the task. Le Cagibi [5490 St. Laurent], I’ve always thought House of Jazz would be cool to try [2060 Aylmer Street] and probably Divan Orange [4234 Boulevard Saint-Laurent] with it’s tables near the sides of the stage would serve. I recently was introduced to Resonance Café, and look forward to returning to draw there soon! [5175A Avenue du Parc]


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